Computer Repair in Gaithersburg, MD

Having computer problems? Look toward the experts in computer and laptop repair in Gaithersburg, MD

Are you suffering from computer problems? Does your computer screen freeze? Are your files gone? Is your computer so slow that it’s nearly impossible to get anything done? No need to worry – our computer repair experts can take care of this as soon as possible. Need help finding a computer repair service near Gaithersburg, MD? Look no further – Computer Maintenance Associates (CMA) is here to help.

Why You Should Choose CMA for your Computer Repair

The team of experts at Computer Maintenance Associates have been in the business of fixing computers since 1987. Our staff has seen every computer problem there is, so we are more than capable of fixing your computer. And you can put your trust in us. Computer owners in the Gaithersburg, MD area come back to us every time they need their desktop or laptop fixed.

Do you have a backup of all your files? Automatically saving backup copies of all your computer files on a regular basis is critical for peace of mind – just in case your computer crashes in the future. During our computer repair process in our Gaithersburg, MD office, we can first make a backup of your data and also get you set up so that your files are backed up on a regular basis – after we fix your computer.

A lot of our customers ask us how much will their computer repair will cost. For starters, we can perform a $25 computer scan that will go through your desktop or laptop and determine if there is any malware, viruses, and other things that are slowing down your computer. From there, we determine what repair work needs to be performed on your computer. Since every computer problem is different, it’s difficult to provide a complete estimate without first scanning it for problems.

We can repair your computer either in person – you can drop it off in our Gaithersburg, MD office or we can conduct the scan and repair remotely through our secure online tools. Either way, you’ll get the computer repair expertise that you can count on.

Most computer repair projects can be completed quickly (usually within 1-2 business days and sometimes much quicker), but some more complicated PC repairs take longer. It all depends on the nature of your computer problem.

Some of the typical types of computer repairs include:

Virus scan and removal. Viruses aren’t only annoying, they can be very harmful to your PC and any personal data you could have stored there. With our virus scanning and removal services, you can be comforted that we will remove and protect your computer from these nasty programs.

Fixing slow computers. This is the most common problem people have with their computer. This is usually because the person has an older computer or has too much software or outdated software clogging up their computer. But it could also mean a virus. We can quickly assess your computer and determine what is causing your computer to run slow. A majority of the time, we can simply clean and repair your computer with our tools and you’ll see a vast improvement.

Can’t connect to the Internet. This is another common problem we see with our computer repair customers. If you have a laptop or desktop and you can’t connect to the Internet, then you will have to drop off your computer at our Gaithersburg, MD office. Call us at (443) 266-7482 and let us know you’ll be stopping by.

Gaithersburg, MD Drop-Off or Fully Remote Computer Repair

To get your computer fixed, you have options. You can drop it off at our Gaithersburg, MD offices – located at 6835 Olney Laytonsville Road in Laytonsville, MD 20882. Call us at (443) 266-7482 to book an appointment to drop off your computer. Or, if you are able to get online with your computer, you can book a remote appointment where we can fix your computer remotely, using our online tools. To book an online computer repair, visit our online booking form.

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